Albara Advertising Agency was founded in 2010, we started our business with a huge start dealing with the famous actor AHMED EL SAKA in making his own official website, then we made the first official movie website in EGYPT “ EL GEZIRA ”, We started with digital services then we expanded our business to fulfill all of the advertising services becoming a full advertising agency.


We are a group of talents not employees, we love what we do, so we do our best, and work too hard to satisfy our client’s needs, we look like a palm  full of fruity ideas, we offer you collection of the best, you pick what  suits you, and taste the flavor of ingenuity.


To be number one in all of the advertising services we offer.

Starting with a simple draft, we do our best to produce the best designs ever from concept, colors, idea to catch your client’s attention.


After giving you the best design ever, we produce it for you in the form and material that fits your needs, many different printing materials are available  but with us you will taste the best quality !!.


To create a powerful niche of service in the crowded world of

advertising, with a commitment to serve only a few selected clients, to ensure “Client Satisfaction”.


Our purpose is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships

with our clients by using our knowledge, experience and creativity

to communicate their brands effectively.


There are a lot of websites of many different designs and developing techniques, we guarantee that your website will not be normal like others, we will give you such a masterpiece that will be unique in design, animation, development, and interaction.


With our professional photographers you can cover your event, concerts, product sessions, and many many more.


Our target to give you a 3d art/movie that you and your client can’t discover that it is not real unless you asked for motion graphics, also the 2d animations  will be so smooth to give you the sense of the real animations in the real life!!.

Be unique and make your presentations with this unique service, we will be able to develop  such a great multimedia CD for you with rich media, interactivity, desktop compatible software.


You have two options:        - Custom made giveaways to inspire your client.

                                                       - Rare ready made giveaways with your brand on them.


We will spread your services to millions of people, we guarantee a high quality recorded ad, written in a unique script that stand still in ears.


People will talk about our TV ads, our goal is not making  normal TV ads that takes it’s  time and evaporate from minds, people will say “oh god what a great idea!!”.

Reach your clients through FACE BOOK, TWITTER, YOU TUBE, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE, with our marketing specialists .

Guerrilla marketing with us  is not only attractive designs hanged on billboards, but also creating ideas and mock ups that attract eyes all over the road.

Make your clients reach you and your services by their fingertips, We provide you with a simple  to the point mobile App. to connect with your clients in fast and ease  way, On all platforms you will get your App. :

Android - Ios - Blackberry - Windows Phone